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The Secret Spot directory is organized by categories.  Most sites in it are suggested to us by users. Sites are placed in categories by Secret Spot Surfers, who visit and evaluate your suggestions and decide where they best belong. We do this to ensure that Secret Spot is organized in the best possible way, making the directory easy to use, intuitive, helpful, and fair to everyone

Step 1: Check to See if Your Site is Already in Secret Spot, an important first step, because if your site is already listed, you need go no further. Check for your site by title, or by browsing appropriate categories..
Step 2: Find the Appropriate Category. Finding an appropriate category for your site is at the heart of this process. Surfers visit each site suggested to us, and proper categorization on your part helps us process suggestions quickly.
Step 3: Fill up the form below with your data and press the Sumit button

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- Please keep the title brief.
- Use the official business name for the title of a commercial site.
- Please do not use ALL capital letters.
- Please do not including marketing slogans or superlatives.

- Not sure what this is? It's the address of your site that begins with "http://"
- Please supply the entire URL and double check to make sure it is correct.Example:  http://www.yoursite.com

- Please write a brief, readable phrase or sentence -- no longer than 25 words.
- Avoid repeating the site title or category name in the description.
- Do not use ALL capital letters.
- Please Do Not Capitalize The First Letter Of Every Word.
- HTML tags are not allowed.
- Please refrain from using marketing slogans